Internship in China: planning & packing

Posted on: 13 jul 2013 at 10:54

Just a few more days and I'll be on my way, halfway across the globe, to Huizhou, China for a 3 month internship as industrial designer at Cima Ligthing Industrial Ltd. I'll be flying to Hong Kong and from thereon the company will be arranging everything. Originally I planned to do an internship at Quanta Research in Taiwan, through a contact of my graduation coach at the Eindhoven University of Technology. However this didn't go through because of difficulties getting a Taiwanese working permit. Through Quanta Research I got into contact with Cima, and everything went very quickly from that point.

I don't really know what to expect in Huizhou in terms of work or accommodation, I do know that at in the last week of my internship I will be with Cima at the Hong Kong Lighting fair 2013. Besides flights and visa, the company will be arranging everything. This makes the whole "gone for three months" and "leaving in a few days" feel a bit unreal and hard to imagine, as I don't have to make plans for places to stay or travel once I land in Hong Kong. I did read some blogs from Europeans moving to China and one thing I found out that differs from my holiday in China last year, is that it's apparently necessary to register yourself at the local police station if you're not staying in a hotel. The cartoony police signs in Beijing looked very friendly, I wonder if a visit will leave the same impression.

I should start packing soon, only two more days to online-check in, I guess the feeling of "leaving in a few days" may also get a lot more real then. Some things that are definitely on the list to bring with me are my climbing and running shoes, though I guess bringing my mountainbike would be a step too far. Other than that it's more difficult than packing for a holiday, because I don't really know what I'm going to do in the three months there. I did find out that July and August are monsoon season, but apparently September and October are mild and sunny.

During my stay there I should also admire the moon during the Chines Mid-Autumn Festival, Chinas second grandest festival. Next to that Huizhou has hills and mountains to the north and a coastline to the south, and has a rich cultural history. Some things to do next to working there are (according to wikipedia) visiting Daya Bay, the 600 year old Sea Level city, "the living fossil of culture", and Elephant Head Mountain. Because of my visa I'll also have to exit and re-enter China once during my stay, however I don't know yet whether this is going to be spending a few hours across the border in Hong Kong or could involve a longer trip exploring Hong Kong or maybe even a city such as Hanoi, Vietnam?

That's it for now, I plan to update this blog with text and photos once the adventure has really started.


p.s. the photo above was made in Beijing last year and probably doesn't resemble the place I'm going very accurately ;)


This update is long overdue, I left China again after just a week. Although I loved my holiday in China the year before, I soon found out that this internship wasn't for me. I spent the week mostly staring at my computer screen, not knowing what to do. There's only so many hours you can fill with designing lamp shade patterns... And on top of that I started getting great job offers at home, so I decided to book a flight back home.

I've included some photos of this short adventure below:

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