MDF Curved Case for the Raspberry Pi

Posted on: 7 mei 2013 at 12:09 | Last update: 3 aug 2015 at 09:38

How it all started:

Some time ago I saw images of beautifully curved MDF, this was achieved by laser cutting a pattern to allow certain areas of the material to bend. Ever since I've wanted to try working with this technique myself and when my Raspberry Pi arrived in 2012 I saw this as an opportunity to give it a go.

After some tinkering this resulted in a first prototype, it worked but it doesn't really hug the Raspberry Pi yet. However comments on the case were so positive that I decided to continue development and make it available to a bigger audience. We're now (May 2013) several versions and 50 or so shipped cases further and the design has also been made available on Thingiverse so who knows how many are around?


The case:

It's made from 3mm MDF, laser cut in four parts to hold the Raspberry Pi in an airy space. Because of the way the MDF curves, the status LED's are visible but diffused and the air can freely flow through it. I originally designed this case for my own needs: I wanted to overclock the Raspberry Pi (airflow), and have it look good. Because of this also the analogue outputs have been sacrificed, they are unreachable because they are behind the curved part of the case. If you want to connect to the GPIO you might succeed getting the wires through space created by the curves.

Because of the pattern that needs to be laser cut in order to allow the MDF to bend each case costs about 5-6 minutes. this is because the laser has to reposition and restart cutting for each line that needs to be cut. If it weren't for the curved shape, they'd be much faster to make. If you want to see how this is done: please see this video.

So this case might be for you if you use HDMI instead of the analogue outputs, like the looks of it and are prepared to do the assembly yourself (it's easier than IKEA, doesn't require any tools and the v2 doesn't even need any glue). If you're in need of help, or just curious, you may want to take a look at these instructions: 1 2 3 4 5


Want one?

All cases are sold out so there are currently no v2 cases available for purchase.If you want to pre-order a case please email me, production will start when there are enough pre-orders and you won't be asked for payment until production takes place again.

  • What does it cost?
  • Case: €16
  • Postage NL: €1.50 / EU: €2.55 / World: €3.00
  • PayPal: €1 (bank transfer is free of extra costs, only available within EU)

‚ÄčThe v2 case is not made anymore, however an updated version can be found on ModMyPi


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