Raspberry Pi Cases v2

Posted on: 30 aug 2012 at 14:32

All the MDF curved cases for the Raspberry Pi had been sold out, making their way across Europe and some even crossing the Atlantic Ocean to North Amererica. It's a strange, but pleasant, idea that something that started as an experimentation and product just for myself is now used by people spread across the world. So now that there was even more demand after the first batch was all sold out, I had to go back to "De Factorij" to produce a new batch. I chose to also use this opportunity to improve the design.

So what has been changed?
Not much to be honest, as a start the gap for the HDMI-port has been moved 2mm to align nicer with the Raspberry Pi. The bigger change is in how the case is assembled, with the previous batch it was advisable to apply a bit of glue to ensure the case stayed assembled when you (un)plugged your cables. If you did this right it was invisible and still no problem to take the Pi out of the case. However I didn't see this as the best solution, I want to make use of the material and form itself to achieve the goal, rather than adding glue. To do this the outer shell has been made 4mm wider, using 2mm on each side to "grab" the front and back plate and keep everything tightly together.

MDF Case v2, front plate 2mm inside case MDF Case v2

I've also recorded a short bit of the production, showing how the case is cut from the 3mm MDF. If you haven't used a laser cutter before you'll notice that it's a very precise tool and much faster than cutting by hand. It is however still a lot slower than mass-production processes. In one hour the machine can cut 11 (12 if you're lucky) cases from a single piece of MDF.


Want one?
Currently there are 8 cases available, please see here for more information. I'll also add a new assembly instruction to the site soon, now without glue... If you want to laser cut the case for yourself, or modify it for your own needs before you do so: I've decided to make the drawings of v2 available under a Creative Commons license. If you want the illustrator files, please email me, they're not the site yet.


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