OctoberPhotoFest - Pic-a-day

Posted on: 13 Oct 2012 at 09:23

We all know the German Octoberfest, several years ago on Dyxum.com they started a photo-event with the same name, and since last year we've adapted this for our student photo association: Dekate Mousa. The challenge is to take - and share - a photo every day in October. This year I chose to not limit myself to a certain camera or lens, instead I use whatever I have with me (usually my phone). It's a training for your photographic eye, trying to find something for a photo each day again. 

We share all these images in our group, and seeing that October is almost halfway I thought it would be nice to share some of the photos here. However I've changed my mind. I won't be sharing some photos, I'll be sharing all. And I won't limit this to October, I want to keep doing this as long as possible. So I started on the 1st of October 2012 and I will keep on doing this as long as possible: take a photo each day and upload it to my website. Now these might be things that I do that day, or that surprise me, that I found beautiful, weird or ugly. Most of all it's a way to keep me focussed on seeing things around me, being more aware of my environment and it's photographic possibilities. I know I'm nowhere near the first to do something like this but I'm curious how it will turn out, how long can I do this, will I get bored, will my photos change along the way? And posting it online each day is good for your entertainment and my motivation.

You can find the photos in the Photo-a-day album.

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