Raspberry Pi Cases

Posted on: 30 Jul 2012 at 15:31

About a year ago I saw images of lovely curved wood, and immediately thought: I have to give that a try once. So when my Raspberry Pi arrived I decided to give this a try and design a case that would be curved by lasercutting mdf. The first prototype was soon made:

First prototype

When I posted this on Tweakers.net it got quite a response and several people requested production of the cases so they could buy one. Being flattered by so much enthusiasm, I decided to give it a go and with some small design changes -to make everything fit better- and with help of De Factorij managed to produce a small amount. I've made a site where you can find more details (including price). 

Case parts Left: sanded, right: unsanded

By now most are sold and -naturally- drawings for yet another improved version are already lying around here...

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